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Alcoa Inc.
Alliance Laser Sales Inc.
Bales Mold Service
Blue Wave Ultrasonics, Inc.
BORIDE Engineered Abrasives
Central Decal Company
Choice Mold Components Inc.
Cimatron Technologies
Clinton Aluminum and Stainless Steel
Copper and Brass Sales
D-M-E Company
Diamond Tool And Engineering
Duro-Chrome Industries
Dytron Corp.
Emuge Corp.
Exact JobBOSS
Finkl - A. FINKL & Sons Co,
Green Club Inc.
Haimer USA
Hermann Schmidt Co. Inc.
M&H Probing Systems
Mastip, Inc.
Midland Technologies, Inc.
MMC Packaging Equipment, Ltd.
Mold Base Industries Inc.
Poco Graphite
PowerTECH Components, Inc.

Progressive Components
R&B Plastics Machinery
Regal Components, Inc.
REGO-FIX Tool Corp.
Royal Diversified Products

Seiki Valve & Spear System
Self Lube
Sescoi Inc.
Smith Enterprises
Sturdell Industries
System 3R USA Inc.
Tebis America Inc.
Thermal-Tech Systems, Inc.
Vista Metals Corp

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